Ministerul Agriculturii si Dezvoltarii Rurale prin Directia Generala de Dezvoltare Rurala - Autoritatea de Management pentru Programul National de Dezvoltare Rurala (PNDR) 2014 -2020 informeaza beneficiarii si potentialii beneficiari cu privire la masurile de mediu si clima aplicate în anul 2017 pe terenurile agricole. Masurile de dezvoltare rurala adresate utilizatorilor de terenuri agricole care faciliteaza acordarea unor plati anuale, pe hectar suprafata agricola pentru compensarea totala sau partiala a costurilor suplimentare si pierderilor de venit suportate de fermieri se regasesc în Masura 10 -  Agro Mediu si clima. Masura 11 - Agricultura ecologica si Masura 13-  Plati pentru zone care se confrunta cu constrângeri specifice

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Principii jurisprudenta CEDO -  1.04.2017
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Formularul informatic P4000 privind inventarul centralizat al bunurilor
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Programe Guvernamentale pentru IMM
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Program cu finantare externa PA 05 – Eficienta Energetica

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MAI diversifica modalitatile de plata a taxelor pentru eliberarea pasapoartelor si a permiselor de conducere*

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Cluj Info Point for Foreign Investors » INCENTIVES & GOVERNMENT FUNDING FOR SMEs


  • » Governement Funding for SMEs
    • » Trade and Market Service Program
      • Eligibility: private companies and cooperatives
      • - They have at least one year of activity and the CAEN Code for which they ask funds is being authorized for at least six months;
        - They do not have debts at the State budget;
        - They work and develop their activity in Romania;
        - They are not in reorganization, liquidation, insolvency, bankruptcy, foreclosure, operational closure or temporary suspension of work;

      • The amount of funding:
        Between 60 – 80 % of the total eligible costs but no more than 100.000 lei

      • What they can buy:
        Acquisition of: technological equipment, machinery, computers, intangible assets, furniture, means of transportation, development of sites to promote business, certification of a quality management system / environmental / occupational health and safety / food safety.
    • » Start Up Program
      • Stage I - for organizing entrepreneurial training workshops UNCTAD / EMPRETEC to support SME development.

        Stage II - to finance the implementation of best business plans through reimbursable financial allowance within budget.

        Eligible beneficiaries:
        - The companies have two years of activity.
        - Have private capital and are Romanian legal entities;
        -They do not have debts at the State budget;
        -Is not in a state of dissolution, reorganization, liquidation, insolvency, bankruptcy or temporary suspension of work, not in difficulty;

        The amount of funding:
        70 % of the total eligible costs but no more than 100.000 lei

        Eligible expenditure:

        Purchase of:

        - IT equipment, workspaces, production spaces and service spaces and trade equipment/ technology that save/ use renewable energy, machinery, computers, intangible assets, furniture, transport goods, making website to promote business.
        - Consulting to prepare documentation to obtain financing under this program (no more than 10% of eligible expenses).
    • » STARTER Program
      • Who can apply:
        People who are aged up to 35 years;
        They have never owned and they are not shareholders, partners or members in a private company;
        They  established for the first time a company;
        The company can be established and managed by a person or  up to 5 people associate;

        Program features:
         Grants as financial allocations representing 50% but no more than EUR 10,000 of the total eligible costs of the business plan;
        - Guarantees granted by the National Credit Guarantee for Small and Medium Businesses (FNGCIMM) for loans to "SRL-D" in order to achieve business plans accepted by the agency, up to a maximum of 80% of the requested loan, in the amount of 80,000 euro, the equivalent in lei;
        - Exemption from taxes Trade Register Office for recording micro-enterprises;
        -  Exemption from social security contributions paid by employers, by law, for income for time spent no more than 4 employees, employees on indefinite;
        What they can buy:
        Corporal investment assets: land for construction of buildings; purchase spaces for developing the activity, purchase of furniture for workspaces equipment, technological equipment, machinery and work equipment, etc. transport (only van) in direct ties with the code / s CAEN access them ;
        Investments in intangible assets: patents, licenses, trademarks and other rights, franchises, eco-labeling, etc.
        Other operating costs: permits, materials, goods, supplies, materiel, personnel costs - salaries, social security costs, training costs and staff training, accounting, tax, legal, IT, PR, management,
    • » Business Woman’s Program
      • a) Phase I - organization and development of entrepreneurship education courses over a period of 4 (four) days to eight (8) locations subordinated to the 8 (eight) OTIMMC
        b) Phase II – seminars for organizing information campaigns of the "Enterprising Women Seminar" in eight locations subordinated to the 8 (eight) OTIMMC
        c) Stage III - for the organization of the National Forum of Women Managers, by AIPPIMM
        Who can apply:
        Women that have Romanian citizenship that:
             - Are aged over 18 years;
             - Have at least completed secondary education;
             - Have registered to work in the program based on the appropriate application forms

        For attending classes at each location at least 5 seats are allocated primarily to women from rural, disadvantaged and ethnic minority backgrounds, the number of these places can be extended until the completion of the remaining places available, but not more than the maximum established by procedure. any advice.
        May not apply to phase II of this program the self type and graduates entrepreneurial training courses conducted under the program in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, although initial participation was not completed by them receiving a certificate of participation in the course.
    • » Program for craftmens and crafts
         Eligible beneficiaries:
        • companies;
        • cooperative companies;
        • freelancers;
        • Associations, Foundations;
        • Individual enterprises or families
        The amount of funding:
        90 % of the total eligible costs but no more than 20.000 lei
        What they can buy:
        Participation in various exhibitions at home and abroad, development and production of printed promotional materials, development of sites for submitting work, purchase of various tools, fittings and equipment required for operation, auto transport goods.
    • » Mihail Kogalniceanu” Credit line Program
      • Eligible beneficiaries (small and medium enterprises)
        - Is not in difficulty within the meaning of the Guidelines on State aid for rescuing and restructuring firms in difficulty, published in the Official Journal of the European Union no. C 244/2 of 1 October 2004;
        - If a decision has been issued for the recovery of State aid against it, it has already been executed, the claim is fully recovered;
        - Is not in dispute, as the respondent, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment and partner credit institution;
        - The amount of de minimis aid received by a period of 3 fiscal years (2 years plus previous fiscal year), not exceeding the equivalent in RON of EUR 200,000 or EUR 100,000 for road transport;
        - Not included in loans outstanding in the database of the Central Credit Register (CCR);
        not listed with major incidents checks and promissory notes in the last 12 months database PIB (CIP) Insolvency proceedings had not been instituted;
        - The credit institution collateral for financing at least 40% of the loan amount;
        - Has at least 2 years of consecutive in which it operates;

        The amount of funding:
        The 125,000 lei loan is granted with the following features:
        a) Partial interest subsidy - subsidy to SMEs the state budget by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment by AIPPIMM, amounting to more than 70% of the interest rate for loans in RON, but not more than 6.5% per annum of the outstanding amount used in line credit granted under this ordinance.
        b) Guarantees in the name and on behalf of the state provided by FNGCIMM as a representative of the Ministry of Finance for loans to eligible beneficiaries. Value State guarantees may not exceed 80% but not more than 100,000 lei of the loan. The credit line may be extended to 2013
        What they can pay:
      • - Payment of taxes, contributions and other amounts owed to the general consolidated budget;
        - The cost of procurement, production, marketing;
        - Expenditure on execution of works and / or services;
        - Expenditure on the creation, processing, valuation of stocks;
        - Other current expenses necessary for the activity;
        - Expenditure on salaries;
        - Other running costs.
      • Source:

  • » Cluj County Agency for Employment offers the following incentives/facilities for employers:
    • • Subsidized jobs for employers who hired people aged over 45 years;
      • Subsidizing jobs for graduates hired by employers;
      • Subsidizes for pupils and students which are hired on holidays times;
      • Incentives for employers who hire persons who have three years to meet retirement conditions;
      • Subsidizing the costs of training organized by employers for their staff;
      • Stimulating labor mobility.


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