Ministerul Agriculturii si Dezvoltarii Rurale prin Directia Generala de Dezvoltare Rurala - Autoritatea de Management pentru Programul National de Dezvoltare Rurala (PNDR) 2014 -2020 informeaza beneficiarii si potentialii beneficiari cu privire la masurile de mediu si clima aplicate în anul 2017 pe terenurile agricole. Masurile de dezvoltare rurala adresate utilizatorilor de terenuri agricole care faciliteaza acordarea unor plati anuale, pe hectar suprafata agricola pentru compensarea totala sau partiala a costurilor suplimentare si pierderilor de venit suportate de fermieri se regasesc în Masura 10 -  Agro Mediu si clima. Masura 11 - Agricultura ecologica si Masura 13-  Plati pentru zone care se confrunta cu constrângeri specifice

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Cluj Info Point for Foreign Investors » INVESTMENT PRIORITIES IN CLUJ COUNTY FOR 2014-2020

FOR THE PERIOD 2014-2020

Ensuring the Connection of the County Passenger and Freight Traffic by Using a Modern Transport Infrastructure and Ensuring a Balance between Different Means of Transport
  • Upgrading of county roads;
  • Completion of the access to Cluj-Ciurila Transylvania Highway;
  • Extension of Eremia Grigorescu Street- Transylvania Highway;
  • Development, expansion and modernization of Cluj-Napoca International Airport (cargo terminal);
  • Development of inter-modal transport infrastructure for freight and passengers at Cluj Napoca International Airport;
  • Extension of  Cluj Airport runway to 3,500 m;
  • Upgrading of railway on Arieş Valley- Mocăniţa train;
  • Rapid Passenger Transport for East-West Metropolitan Area (in partnership with Local
Councils of Gilău, Apahida, Jucu).
Increase of Competitiveness of Industrial and Services Profile Enterprises in Cluj County and Sustainable Development of Entrepreneurship
  • Competitiveness pole;
  • Extension of TETAROM Industrial Park;
  • Setting up of vocational guidance offices and job recruitment agencies at micro-regional level;
  • Regional Exhibition Centre.
Development of Health Infrastructure based on Upgrading/ Modernization and Equipping of Health Services and Emergency Intervention
  • Building of a Regional Emergency Hospital;
  • Setting up of an Emergency Rescue Service (SMURD) Network- single dispatch;
  • Setting up of a complex Rapid Emergency Intervention Services
Sustainable Development and Promotion of Tourism by Restoration and Valorization of the Cultural Heritage, and Setting up/ Upgrading of Tourism Infrastructure
  • Creating a database on the tourism potential in Cluj County rural area for the purpose of being used by Cluj County Tourism Information and Promotion Center;
  • Development of cave tourism in the Apuseni Mountains;
  • Traditional Rural Civilization-essential component of the cultural tourism;
  • Development of Cultural Roads (eg. Wooden Churches Road / Medieval Cluj, Cluj Castles’ Roads);
  • Restoration of the Art Museum building;
  • Strategies for Culture and Competitiveness in Cluj County;
  •  Cluj County Ethno-Cultural map;
  • Setting up of traditional crafts promotion centers.
Increasing Economic Competitiveness in the Agricultural Sector
  • Increasing the competitiveness of domestic agricultural products to EU markets by  their certification according to EU environmental standards
Addressing the Risk of Social Exclusion of Vulnerable Population and Increasing their Quality of Life
  • Conducting sheltered workshops for children with visual impairments / multiple sensory impairments
Development and Efficiency Increase of Modern Electronic Public Services and Innovative Use of Technology
  • Setting up of Wireless Networking (hot spots) in the central areas of all cities in the county (digital cities), in the Communes of the Cluj Metropolitan Area and in the Cluj county tourist resorts;
  • Creating of an Area Integrated System / Territory Management (GIS) Database;
  • Creating tele-centers in remote rural areas in the county, especially in the mountains
Strengthening of Institutional Management and the Providing of Quality Public Services
  • Improvement of the quality and efficiency of public services provided by the Cluj County Council;
  • Document Management and Electronic Archiving Information System in Cluj County Council;
Protecting the Cluj County Natural Heritage
  • Updating the study of natural and anthropogenic risk areas in Cluj county

II. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION in urban areas: 5 municipalities and 1 town

Review of Integrated Development Plan for Cluj-Napoca Growth Pole for the period 2014-2020

  • Continued implementation of the strategic lines established in the Integrated Development Plan for Cluj Metropolitan Area;
  • Drafting of the Cluj-Napoca Development Strategy for the period 2014-2020;
  • Sustainable development and economic competitiveness of the Cluj Metropolitan Area
Urban Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Urban Services Upgrade, including Public Transportation:
  • Creating and developing a network of "green" local transportation in the municipalities of Gherla and Dej;
  • Modernization of bus parks in Dej Municipality;
  • Urban area upgrade in Câmpia-Turzii Municipality;
  • Upgrading of public street lighting in Campia-Turzii and Gherla municipalities and Huedin town;
  • Introduction of water supply systems, household sewerage and gas supply network in the rural areas of Gherla Municipality;
  • Street video surveillance system in Turda Municipality;
  • Construction of social housing in Gherla Municipality;
  • Upgrade/ modernization of historic center of the Municipality Gherla;
  • Upgrade of public buildings (monuments, office buildings):
    • Upgrade of Huedin Town Hall and Gherla Municipality Hall;
    • Upgrade of the culture town house, the court house and envelopment of the apartment buildings in Turda Municipality;
    • Construction of a cultural town house in Gherla Municipality
  • Introduction to wireless Internet network in public areas in Turda Municipality
Improvement of Transport Infrastructure
  • Upgrading and modernization of county roads and town streets - including construction / upgrading of ring roads: Campia-Turzii Municipality, Huedin town;
  • Upgrading of road bridges in Gherla Municipality
Sustainable Business Development
  • Support for local and foreign investors to create new jobs in the city of Cluj-Napoca;
  • Construction of an Industrial Park in Huedin town;
  • Creating partnerships to encourage initiatives of SMEs in Turda Municipality;
  • Creating and developing a business center to support local entrepreneurs in Gherla Municipality;
Improvement of Social Infrastructure
  • Upgrading/ modernization/ equipping of health and social services:
    • Upgrading of hospital and ambulance stations in Gherla Municipality;
      Sustainable welfare services, child and addiction related welfare services, including services provided for elderly people in Dej municipalities;
    • Investments in health and social infrastructure in order to improve access to and decrease inequalities in social and welfare services, with a special emphasis on marginalized groups, such as Roma and  people exposed to poverty in Dej Municipality
  • Upgrading/ modernization/ development and equipping of preschool/ pre-university and vocational continuous professional training infrastructure:
    • Modernization of education infrastructure in the city of Cluj-Napoca;
    • Building a Lifelong Learning Centre in Turda Municipality;
    • Building a school campus in Huedin town;
    • Construction/ renovation of kinder gardens: Huedin town;
    • Renovating schools in Huedin town and Gherla Municipality;
    • Renovating schools in Gherla Municipality;
    • Equipping schools with broadband in Gherla Municipality
Developing Innovation Through Cultural Actions: Cluj- Napoca: European Capital of Culture

Sustainable Development and Promotion of Tourism:
  • Restoration and sustainable valorization of cultural heritage and the creation / modernization of related infrastructure;
  • Promotion of  tourism potential and setting up of the necessary infrastructure in order to increase local attractiveness of tourist destination
Building/ Upgrading the Recreational Infrastructure:
  • Development of recreational winter sports: Turda Municipality;
  • Modernization of the municipal park and building of an aqua park in Campia-Turzii;
  • Building and equipping of a leisure park (10 ha) in Turda;
  • Building of an Aqua Park in Turda;
  • Modernization of a public swimming pool in Gherla;
  • Modernization of the Central Park and the Great Park in Gherla.
Improving the Sector of Research/ Innovation and Technological Development in Cluj-Napoca Municipality

Valorization of Agricultural Products:

  • Collecting / Processing Center for agricultural products: Campia-Turzii Municipality;
  • Support and Development Center for local agriculture in Gherla Municipality.
Development of Sports Infrastructure:
  • Building of a multi-purpose Gymnasium in Gherla;
  • Modernization of the Municipal Stadium in Gherla
Increasing of Energy Efficiency and Development of Sustainable Energy System in Cluj-Napoca Municipality
  • Building of a solar power plant in Turda
  • Upgrading/ modernization and energy efficiency of public buildings in Turda and Dej
Upgrading of Water and Wastewater System: Campia- Turzii Municipality
  • Investments in the efficiency of water supply, wastewater treatment and water re-use, including new investments to reduce leakages and implementation of River Basin Management Plans: Dej Municipality
Development of Integrated Waste Management
  • Completion of landfill greening in Gherla Municipality;
  • Investment in waste management: Dej Municipality
Investment in Increasing Institutional Capacity and Efficiency of Public Services Provided by the Local Public Administration
  • Implementation and certification of an Integrated Management System: Gherla Municipality Hall;
  • Investment in the institutional capacity and the efficiency of public administration and public services in order to implement reforms, better regulation and establish good governance: Dej municipality

Development of Rural Infrastructure
  •  Building and modernization of local roads in the Communes of Borşa, Cămăraşu, Vultureni, Aghireşu, Mica, Negreni, Jichişu de Jos, Sic, Izvoru Crişului, Buza, Jucu, Valea Ierii, Recea Cristur, Aşchileu, Cuzdrioara, Feleacu, Tureni, Sânmărtin, Mărişel, Bobâlna, Râşca, Mărgău, Panticeu, Călăţele, Ţaga, Unguraş, Ploscoş, Floreşti, Moldoveneşti, Cătina, Sînpaul, Mociu, Călăraşi, Aluniş, Măguri Răcătău, Ciurila, Corneşti, Gîrbău, Cojocna, Beliş, Dăbâca, Ciucea, Mănăstireni, Tritenii de Jos, Geaca, Apahida, Săvădisla, Chinteni, Pălatca, Poieni, Petreştii de Jos, Bonţida;
  •  Modernization of street network / asphalt pavements, streets and gutter arrangement in the Communes of Vultureni, Aiton, Cămăraşu, Chiuieşti, Mihai Viteazu, Căpuşu Mare, Căianu, Sic, Suatu, Izvoru Crişului, Viişoara, Vad, Jucu, Recea Cristur, Cuzdrioara, Râşca, Mărgău, Panticeu, Sîncraiu, Călăţele, Sănduleşti, Ţaga, Ploscoş, Floreşti, Fizeşu-Gherlii, Sînpaul, Mociu, Călăraşi, Aluniş, Luna, Gîrbău, Băişoara, Tritenii de Jos, Geaca, Apahida, Săvădisla, Chinteni, Pălatca, Gilău;
  •  Building and upgrading of bridges/ culverts in the Communes of Borşa, Cămăraşu, Jichişu de Jos, Căianu, Viişoara, Jucu, Aluniş, Luna, Tritenii de Jos;
  • Construction and modernization of farm roads in the Communes of Frata, Chiuieşti, Mica, Căpuşu Mare, Jichişu de Jos, Viişoara, Panticeu, Corneşti, Luna, Tritenii de Jos, Geaca, Săvădisla, Gilău, Petreştii de Jos;
  • Building/ upgrading of forest roads: in the Communes of  Căpuşu Mare, Mărgău;
  • Construction, modernization and extension of water supply systems in the Communes and villages belonging to Borşa, Vultureni, Aiton, Frata, Mihai Viteazu, Mica, Căpuşu Mare, Negreni, Jichişu de Jos, Suatu, Izvoru Crişului, Buza, Vad, Căşeiu, Valea Ierii, Aşchileu, Cuzdrioara, Feleacu, Tureni, Sânmărtin, Bobâlna, Râşca, Mărgău, Panticeu, Baciu, Ţaga, Ploscoş, Floreşti, Moldoveneşti, Cătina, Mociu, Aluniş, Săcuieu, Ciurila, Corneşti, Luna, Gîrbău, Cojocna, Băişoara, Ciucea, Ceanu Mare, Mintiu Gherlii, Tritenii de Jos, Geaca, Apahida, Săvădisla, Chinteni, Pălatca, Gilău, Poieni, Bonţida;
  • Construction of sewerage systems and investments in water treatment plants in the Communes and villages belonging to Borşa, Cămăraşu, Vultureni, Aiton, Frata, Aghireşu, Mihai Viteazu, Mica, Căpuşu Mare, Jichişu de Jos, Căianu, Sic, Suatu, Izvoru Crişului, Buza, Viişoara, Vad, Jucu, Căşeiu, Valea Ierii, Aşchileu, Cuzdrioara, Feleacu, Tureni, Sânmărtin, Mărişel, Bobâlna, Mărgău, Panticeu, Baciu, Sănduleşti, Ţaga, Unguraş, Ploscoş, Floreşti, Moldoveneşti, Fizeşu-Gherlii, Sînpaul, Călăraşi, Aluniş, Săcuieu, Măguri Răcătău, Ciurila, Corneşti, Luna, Gîrbău, Cojocna, Beliş, Băişoara, Dăbâca, Ciucea, Mănăstireni, Ceanu Mare, Tritenii de Jos, Apahida, Iclod, Săvădisla, Chinteni, Pălatca, Gilău, Mănăstireni, Mintiu Gherlii, Poieni, Petreştii de Jos, Bonţida;
  • Construction/ upgrading of natural gas supply network: Aghireşu, Mica, Căpuşu Mare, Jichişu de Jos, Viişoara, Recea Cristur, Feleacu, Ţaga, Ploscoş, Sînpaul, Cojocna, Geaca, Apahida, Iclod, Pălatca;
  • Rehabilitation/ extension of public street lighting network: Vultureni, Aiton, Negreni, Căianu, Cuzdrioara, Panticeu, Floreşti, Aluniş, Măguri Răcătău, Cojocna, Ciucea, Mănăstireni, Tritenii de Jos, Săvădisla, Gilău;
  •  Rehabilitation and extension of public electricity networks: Negreni, Viişoara, Cuzdrioara, Mărgău, Sînpaul, Săcuieu, Tritenii de Jos, Săvădisla;
  • Modernization/ extension of public buildings/ building of the City Hall: Vultureni, Mihai Viteazu, Sânmărtin, Panticeu, Ţaga, Ploscoş, Sînpaul, Luna, Cojocna;
  • Extension of public transport: Baciu, Floresti, Apahida
Promoting Local Business:
  • Construction of an Industrial Park in the Commune of Floreşti
Development of Social Infrastructure and Cultural Heritage
  • Construction / modernization / upgrading of elderly care centers: Cămăraşu, Mihai Viteazu, Negreni, Măguri Răcătău, Corneşti, Luna, Ciucea, Tritenii de Jos;
  • Modernization / rehabilitation / extension of multifunctional social centers: Săvădisla
  • Building of social centers: Luna;
  • Construction/ modernization/ upgrading of social housing: Cămăraşu, Mihai Viteazu, Negreni, Jucu, Măguri Răcătău, Luna, Cojocna, Pălatca, Bonţida;
  • Construction/ modernization /upgrading of centers for people with disabilities: Cămăraşu, Viişoara;
  • Construction/ modernization/ upgrading of cultural centers: Chiuieşti, Mihai Viteazu, Jichişu de Jos, Căianu, Sic, Suatu, Jucu, Recea Cristur, Cuzdrioara, Mărişel, Bobâlna, Râşca, Panticeu, Sîncraiu, Sănduleşti, Sînpaul, Mociu, Călăraşi, Măguri Răcătău, Corneşti, Cojocna, Beliş, Tritenii de Jos, Geaca, Apahida, Iclod, Săvădisla, Chinteni, Pălatca, Gilău;
  • Upgrading of communal libraries: Corneşti, Apahida;
  • Upgrading / equipping of museum villages: Negreni, Sîncraiu;
  • Construction / modernization, equipping of churches/ chapels: Negreni, Jichişu de Jos, Izvoru Crişului, Sîncraiu, Corneşti, Cojocna, Geaca, Săvădisla, Chinteni, Gilău;
  • Construction/ restoration of historical monuments: Panticeu, Sînpaul, Corneşti, Apahida, Săvădisla;
  • Upgrading of archaeological sites: Corneşti, Apahida
Development of Educational Infrastructure
  • Construction/ modernization/ rehabilitation nurseries, kindergartens: Aghiresu, Negreni, Sic, Sinpaul, Mociu, Apahida, Bonţida;
  • Construction/ modernization/ rehabilitation of schools, colleges: Mihai Viteazu, Căianu, Sic, Izvoru Crişului, Sânmărtin, Râşca, Cătina, Aluniş, Tritenii de Jos, Geaca, Apahida, Iclod, Săvădisla, Bonţida;
  • Sports center: Negreni

Development of Infrastructure for Health Services
  • Construction/ modernization/ upgrading of centers, medical offices, different medical facilities: Mihai Viteazu, Căianu, Panticeu, Fizeşu-Gherlii, Măguri Răcătău, Mănăstireni, Tritenii de Jos, Geaca, Iclod, Bonţida;
  • Establishment / equipment of volunteer emergency services: Negreni, Iclod
Increasing Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy System
  • Thermal rehabilitation of heritage buildings: Negreni;
  • Lighting by renewable sources (solar energy) Sîncraiu;
  • Hydro-construction of micro-hydro streams: Căpuşu Mare, Negreni, Ciucea;
  • Exploiting the potential of wind- building wind farms: Cămăraşu, Capusu Great Negreni, Marisel;
  • Heating systems using renewable energy by:
    • Exploiting the photovoltaic potential- setting up photovoltaic park and solar panels: Cămăraşu, Capusu Great Negreni, Jucu, Taga, Floresti Sinpaul, Corneşti, Tritenii de Jos, Savadisla, Gilău;
    • Power-based energy production using bio-gas: Capusu Mare, Jucu, Valea Ierii, Apahida, Savadisla.
Development of Sports Infrastructure:
  • Construction/ upgrading basic sports/ sports field: Cămăraşu, Negreni, Viişoara, Jucu, Cuzdrioara, Feleacu, Mărgău, Panticeu, Baciu, Ţaga, Unguraş, Fizeşu-Gherlii, Călăraşi, Aluniş, Luna, Gîrbău, Cojocna, Tritenii de Jos, Apahida, Iclod, Săvădisla, Chinteni, Pălatca, Jucu.
Development and Promotion of Local Tourism:
  • Developing ski slopes: Căpuşu Mare, Valea Ierii, Săcuieu, Maguri Răcătău;
  • Developing cable transportation (aerial tramway, chairlift, gondola lift, ski lift): Săcuieu;
  • Setting-up a hunting area: Căpuşu Mare;
  • Establishing Old Wooden Churches Circuit: Căpuşu Mare;
  • Restoration and insertion in the tourist circuit of the Historical Castle in the Commune of Săvădisla;
  • Increasing the number of  tourist accommodations in Cojocna;
  • Developing different places of interest in Mihai Viteazu (Turzii), Baciu (Cheile Baciului) Săcuieu (Vlădeasa) Poieni;
  • Construction of access roads, tourist routes, parking, marked footpaths, shelters, different mountain related facilities, etc; Tureni, Mărgău, Corneşti, Cojocna;
  • Setting-up/ equipment of rescue mountain shelters: Mărgău;
  • Setting-up tourists information centers: Cătina, Corneşti, Apahida;
  • Developing tourism services in the Commune of  Sânpaul;
  • Promoting of local products, handicraft works: Căpuşu Mare, Săcuieu, Apahida (workshops), Poieni;
  • Organizing traditional fairs: Negreni, Sic.
Development of Recreational Infrastructure:
  • Increasing the number of parks and green spaces: Cămăraşu, Viişoara, Jucu, Cuzdrioara, Sîncraiu, Luna, Apahida, Iclod, Savadisla;
  • Increasing the number of  playgrounds for children: Cămăraşu, Vultureni, Jichişu de Jos, Aluniş, Corneşti, Cojocna, Tritenii de Jos, Apahida, Palatca;
  • Setting-up a Youth Recreation Center: Aghiresu, Sîncraiu, Iclod, Chinteni (public swimming pool);
  • Setting-up a Spa Leisure Center in the Commune of Baciu;
  • Upgrading the recreational lake: Corneşti
  • Building a Water Park in the Commune of  Floreşti;
  • Improving bicycle lanes infrastructure: Viişoara, Geaca, Apahida, Gilău;
  • Establishing/ modernizing communal baths: Sic, Apahida (basic spa)
The Development of Agricultural Products and Livestock
  • Organize/ modernize different animal fairs in the Commune of Aghireşu;
  • Create a Center for collecting, processing and selling livestock: Aghireşu, Geaca;
  • Setting up a Center for collecting and commercializing the agricultural and forest products:
      Căpuşu Mare, Valea Ierii, Tureni, Geaca;
  • Starting up a agri-food products market in the Communes of Borsa, Sic, Tureni
Afforestation and Land Improvement Works: Cămăraşu, Negreni, Apahida

Restoration of Degraded Lands: Corneşti, Iclod
Infrastructure for Natural Disaster Risk Management
  • Flood Risk Prevention and Reduction Management by installing shore defense/stabilization techniques, riverbed control methods, embankments consolidation: Chiuieşti, Căpuşu Mare (regularization of stream flow), Negreni, Jichişu de Jos, Tritenii de Jos, Apahida, Săvădisla, Gilău;
  • Unclogging and re-calibration of valleys: Dăbâca, Tritenii de Jos, Apahida;
  • Calibration of  water stream: Caseiu, Floresti Corneşti, Beliş, Apahida;
  • Preventing and limiting the negative effects of landslides: Mihai Viteazu, Cojocna
Development of Waste Management System:
  • Optimization of the Selective Waste Collection: Ploscoş, Luna, Iclod, Petreştii de Jos
Development of Fisheries Infrastructure in the Commune of Apahida

Modernization of Local Public Administration by Improving the Quality of Public Services Provided to Citizens
  • Implementing Citizens Oriented E-Government Services to improve document management and diminish the waiting- time: Căpuşu Mare Floreşti;
  • Setting up a Public Record Database Service: Floreşti;
  • Setting up a Metronet Network: Floreşti;
  • Establishing a Center for Agriculture and Financial Consultancy in the Commune of Geaca;
Safety and Public Order Measures:
  • Installation of Video Surveillance System in order to increase the safety and public order.


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