Ministerul Agriculturii si Dezvoltarii Rurale prin Directia Generala de Dezvoltare Rurala - Autoritatea de Management pentru Programul National de Dezvoltare Rurala (PNDR) 2014 -2020 informeaza beneficiarii si potentialii beneficiari cu privire la masurile de mediu si clima aplicate în anul 2017 pe terenurile agricole. Masurile de dezvoltare rurala adresate utilizatorilor de terenuri agricole care faciliteaza acordarea unor plati anuale, pe hectar suprafata agricola pentru compensarea totala sau partiala a costurilor suplimentare si pierderilor de venit suportate de fermieri se regasesc în Masura 10 -  Agro Mediu si clima. Masura 11 - Agricultura ecologica si Masura 13-  Plati pentru zone care se confrunta cu constrângeri specifice

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Principii jurisprudenta CEDO -  1.04.2017
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Formularul informatic P4000 privind inventarul centralizat al bunurilor
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Programe Guvernamentale pentru IMM
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Program cu finantare externa PA 05 – Eficienta Energetica

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MAI diversifica modalitatile de plata a taxelor pentru eliberarea pasapoartelor si a permiselor de conducere*

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Cluj Info Point for Foreign Investors » RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND AGRICULTURE


  • » The repurposing of agricultural land (taking it out of the agricultural circuit) L 18/1991, 897/798/2005):
    • 1.) Inner-city/village:
      a.) application/request form from the beneficiary or owner;
      b.) OCPI notice (cadastre);
      c.) ANIF notice (land improvements);
      d.) certificate of urbanism;
      e.) a land book extract and a copy of the deed or any other document proving property (ex.: lease contract), and the owner’s agreement;
      f.) zonal framing plan;
      g.) topographic plan, approved by an authorized topographer
      2.) Outer-city/village:
      a.) application/ request form from the beneficiary or owner;
      b.) a land book extract and a copy of the deed or any other document proving ownership (ex.: lease contract), and the owner’s agreement;
      c.) certificate of urbanism;
      d.) zonal framing plan;
      e.) the situation plan should outline the proposed surface for repurposing;
      f.) documentation regarding the quality class classification of the land;
      g.) payment orders for the “Amelioration Fund of the land fund Tax”;
      h.) the favorable notice of the local council for the expansion of the inner-city/village;
      i.) OCPI notice (cadastre);
      j.) ANIF notice (land improvements);
      k.) technical presentation

  • » Authorization for planting-deforestation of vineyards (ORDIN MADR 462/07.07.2006):
    • - application/request form for planting/replanting of vineyards and registration in the Wine Plantation Registre (RPV);
      - for surfaces over 0.1ha: the judicial status of the land, proof of seed quality, pedologic study;
      - for surfaces over 3ha: establishment project for the plantation, approved by the Wine Research Unit for the area;
      - deforestation statement for vineyards and a application/request form for the removal of the plot from the RPV for surfaces over 0.1ha
  • » Authorization for planting-deforestation fruit trees and shrubs (Plantare Legea 348/03 R art 13 alin. MADR 149/2004):
    • - request form for planting authorization;
      - request form for deforestation authorization;
      - documents proving ownership
      Issuing of conformity certificates for vegetables and fruit (Ordin MADR 420/2008):
      - documents proving ownership for merchandise, invoices, expedition notice

  • » Authorization and issue of Licenses for cereal storage (O.MAPDR 222/2006, HG 82/2003):
    • - existence of CUI;
      - land book extract;
      - constitutive act or society status

  • » Registration of plant cultivators which have alkaloids- hemp, tobacco, or medicinal plants (LEGEA nr.339/2005, HG nr.1915/2006):
    • - Request form, accompanied by the following documents, the genuine and a copy, depending on the purpose of the authorization:
      a.) identification documents: for the person: I.D. card, passport or any other valid identity paper, and for the judicial person, the registration code;
      b.) the ownership deed or minutes/notices of ownership;
      c.) contract of production capitalization, in the case of industrial utilization and/or alimentation of plant which contain narcotic and psychotropic substances;
      d.) authorization documents for seed production, issued according legal regulations, as appropriate, in the case of cultivation of plants which contain narcotic and psychotropic substances for seed production;
      e.) documents which attest that a scientific activity in research or education is conducted, in the situation of cultivation of plants containing narcotic and psychotropic substances, for use in the scientific or technical field
  • »Authorization of economical agents for commercialization, use, services with fitosanitar products (OUG 41/2007; Legea 28/2009; HG 1535/2007; OUG nr.4/1995; Ordinul nr.6/1995):
    • PPP commercialization in fitopharmacies:
      - request form, a copy of the establishment certificate, CUI copy, a copy of the certificate of profession
      PPP commercialization in warehouses/storage:
      - request form, CUI copy, a copy of the certificate of profession, environment authorization
      PPP utilization for T and T+ groups:
      - request form, CUI copy, a copy of the certificate of profession, environment authorization, a copy of the establishment certificate
      Services provided with PPP:
      - request form;
      - CUI copy;
      - environment authorization (copy);
      - certificate of profession for hired specialists for services with plant protection products (copy);
      - a presentation sheets for the hired specialists which deal with service providing with plant protection products
      Empowerment certificate for fitosanitar product import (Ordonanta nr.38/2007):
      - a written request which contains: the name and the headquarters or the address of the economic operator, the tariff code list, a list with the names of the products or groups of products, the list with the commercial or technical names of the products meant for empowerment;
      - a copy of the registration certificate from the Commerce Register;
      - a copy of the homologation of the plant protection product.
      Starting on January 1, 2007, Romania has access to European funds covered by  Common Agricultural Policy, a system of European Union
      agricultural subsidies and programmes.
      According to Law no 1/2004 and taking into consideration all the changes and the additions to it, The Romanian Payment and Intervention Agency for Agriculture is the one responsible for the implementation and the management of two types of funds:

      The Direct Payments, as a support mechanism for the farmers and for the market
      Other measures financed from European funds for agriculture, rural and fishing development
      The European funds that PIAA manages are coming from two different sources:
         - The European Agricultural Guarantee Fund
         - The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
      The staff members at county and local levels are providing the general framework for the following direct payment schemes :
      1) Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS)-payable once a year and decoupled from production

    • 2) Complementary National Direct Payments
      ♦ PNDC 1- Crops in arable land
      ♦ PNDC  2- Flax grown for fiber
      ♦ PNDC  3-Hemp grown for fiber
      ♦ PNDC  4-Tobacco
      ♦ PNDC  5- Hops
      ♦ PNDC  6- Sugar beet

      3) Separate Sugar Payment Scheme

      4) Rice Payment Scheme for the production in the disadvantaged area, excepting the mountain area;

      5) Compensation for rural development measures 

                  ♦ Scheme 211 -Compensation for the disadvantaged mountain area;
                  ♦ Scheme 212 -Compensation for the specific disadvantaged area and for the significant disadvantaged area;  
                  ♦ Scheme 214 – Agri-environment measures;
                             ○ P1: High nature value meadows (HNV)
                             ○ P2: Traditional agricultural practices
                             ○ P3: Meadow habitat for birds
                             ○ P4: Green crops
                             ○ P5: Organic agriculture
                             ○ P6: Meadow habitat for butterflies ( Maculinea SP.)
      Other important funds managed by PIAA are: 
            1. Aid scheme granted to milk and beef producers from disadvantaged areas-through this aid the population of this area will be maintained if not increased, in the future, thanks to the support they will receive.
            2. Aid scheme  for organic agriculture . Inspection and certification of organic products is currently provided by private bodies that are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development in Romania (MADR), in conformity with the EU regulation
            3.  Financial aid for Beekeeping sector     
            4.  Restructuring and conversion of the vineyards



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